Jackson & Kerr on Surviving Success

Linked below is one of the best coaching resources I’ve come across in the last several months. The California Sunday Magazine’s Kit Rachlis was able to listen in as Steve Kerr and Phil Jackson traded coaching pointers. In this all-encompassing conversation, Kerr and Jackson discussed letting your team feel their way into a season, practice format, managing the various personalities within a team, and having fun with film.

One of the things that I learned from Phil was how important it was being funny watching game film, editing stuff in from movies. Nobody I had ever played for had ever done that, and, to me, that was such an effective way of getting a message across. When you could tie together the point you’re trying to make on the basketball floor with a humorous message coming from a movie — when the message is clear and it carries over to what you’re trying to teach — you’re not having to either kiss up to the player or criticize them. You’re just telling them something, but you’re using humor. I thought that was part of Phil’s genius, and it’s something that we try to employ all the time.


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