In Pursuit of Perfection

Houston Astros third basemen Alex Bregman is a testimony to what can occur when work ethic meets talent. Linked below is a terrific on Bregman with countless accounts from teammates, former coaches, current coaches, parents gushing about his work ethic, drive and passion. Great read and definitely a good one to share with your players.

“Once you get to know him and how much, deep down, how genuine he is in his passion and his love for the game, you see it’s more confidence,” said Sanchez, now a wealth management adviser. “I think there’s still even an adjustment period for the guys that know him to decipher between the two. But there’s no doubt some cockiness in there, too. But all the great ones have that.”

“I think any high-level performer that comes up has to have that high level of confidence in themselves to be successful. Some people choose to show it, some people choose not to,” Trevor Bauer said.


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