Building the Lions

This Q&A with Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia is one of the best coaching articles I’ve read this football season. The notes on how Patricia is building the culture in Detroit are interesting (focus on culture, “Lion Pride”, his transition to being a head coach), but the best stuff in the piece is the insight it gives into how the Patriots operate under Bill Belichick. Patricia stresses just how much Belichick coaches his coaches and the intense detail he demands from everyone on his coaching staff.

“One of the biggest things for me when I got to New England, and it was different from what I had experienced before, was the way he coached the team. I don’t know any head coaches who can do that like he can, with as much detail. It’s just incredible. What I’ve learned — and probably the coaches that have come out of there learned — [is] we can’t do that. That’s something Coach Belichick can do. Only him. But the important thing that can be taken from that is a reminder of making sure the entire team is coached, and so how do you do that with such focus and intensity and a message coming from such a high level? The best way is that you definitely have to hire good coaches you can trust.”


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