Boiler Up

I initially became interested in Jeff Brohm when he won 7 games in his first year at Purdue after the Boilermakers had won just nine games in the four seasons prior to his arrival. My interest in Brohm heightened when I coincidentally connected with a current player in the Purdue football program. The player, an upperclassmen who hasn’t seen much time in his playing career, spoke about the 180-degree difference from the second Brohm walked in the door. The thing that jumped out to him was Brohm’s combination of swagger and competence. One of the things I really enjoyed about Pete Thamel’s piece on Brohm that’s linked below was you got a chance to hear from the players themselves on what makes him so good.

The third game of the 2013 season, Western Kentucky head coach Bobby Petrino benched Doughty. He didn’t take it well, skipping practice and then ending up hanging out with some friends. When he left, he noticed a car – there’s that famous Accord again – parked parallel behind him to block him from leaving the lot. Brohm popped out, and an hour heart-to-heart ensued under the dim parking lot lights. “To be honest with you, if it wasn’t for that conversation, no one would know who the heck I am,” Doughty said in a phone interview. “I wouldn’t have been drafted or done any of that. He was the reason I continued to play football and kept it honest with me.”


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