Tough Love: Steve Nash / Don Nelson

Linked below is the best thing written in lead up to Steve Nash’s Hall of Fame induction on Saturday. The coach Nash is most often associated with is Mike D’Antoni from their “7 Seconds or Less” days, but Marc Stein dives into his relationship with Don Nelson, his coach with the Dallas Mavericks and the person Nash chose to introduce him on Friday night. In the article, Nash speaks about Nelson’s tough love approach as he pushed the young Canadian point guard to be more aggressive offensively.

“He was pivotal,” Nash said. “We had some tough times and a couple tough moments, but overall I look back on Nellie as an absolute beauty. He was just tired of seeing me a little bit meek and sheepish, instead of shooting and being aggressive. So I think it was building in him, and it was building in me. It was really tough at the time, because I thought I was doing everything I possibly could. But at the same time it was probably one of those transformative moments that helped make a slight shift that led to a larger shift in my mentality.”


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