The Biggest Mistake in Baseball

Linked below is a terrific article on Boston Red Sox slugger J.D. Martinez. Martinez is the favorite for the American League MVP award just four years after being released by the Houston Astros. With a swing change and a massive chip on his shoulder, Martinez has blossomed into one of the best hitters in the game. The Sports Illustrated article details Martinez’ work ethic, his meticulous approach to hitting, his grudge, and the impact his accession has had on Houston’s personnel department.

In the years to follow, J.D. Martinez would serve as a reminder of a few things for the Astros – an inescapable one, as their executives rarely flipped on their TVs without seeing him hit another homer. One, as Sig Mejdal said: “The feeling that we are smart is our enemy. That’s what we strive to avoid. SportsCenter reminds us of that every couple of days.”


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