Kemba: Reading the Game

Linked below are two good reads on Charlotte Hornets point guard Kemba Walker. The first article focuses on Kemba’s relationship with new Charlotte Hornets assistant coach Jay Hernandez. Hornets head coach James Borrego’s hiring of Hernandez means him and Walker will continue a tutorship that began back in 2009. The two worked together for the next 5 years until Hernandez was hired by the Orlando Magic. Even with the time off, Walker attributes much of his success to his work with Hernandez and is giddy to be back in the lab with him. The second piece is actually from a year ago, but has several anecdotes that I think would be great to pass along to players on your team – from how serious Kemba takes film sessions to the development of his jumper to the way he sees the pick & roll game.

After Hernandez breaks down some of Walker’s pick-and-roll shortcomings, he fires up footage of Charlotte’s 2017–18 games against Philadelphia. Hernandez freezes the film often to note the Hornets’ suboptimal spacing, as multiple wings are stationed at the break in the three-point line when Walker looks to operate at the top of the key. Hernandez says Borrego, a fellow former Magic assistant, will instruct their players to instead be positioned along the baseline. “That’s gonna be on you, too,” Hernandez explains. “You gotta be on guys, ‘Get to the f—-ing corner!’”

The Man Behind Kemba Walker’s Rise to Point Guard Royalty

“Everybody knows where Kemba’s chair is,” Williams said. When the Hornets settle in for a film session, there is always a front-row seat for the franchise player. “No one sits in his chair. He sits dead in front of the TV every single day.” This is not an accident, nor is it an indication that Walker has poor eyesight. “The leader has to be in front,” Walker said. “I just want to show everybody that I’m locked in. If I’m locked in, they have no choice but to be locked in as well.”

How Kemba Walker survived the Bobcats, changed his pace and grew into a true star

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