WALL – European Pick & Roll Defense Concept

Embedded below is a video showing the “Wall” pick & roll defense concept that’s quite popular in Europe, but hasn’t quite reached America just yet. Most of the clips in the video are from Iberostar Tenerife who was coached last year by Fotis Katsikaris. Gatsikaris was hired in July by Quin Snyder and the Utah Jazz to replace the departing Igor Kokoskov. Because of a lack of familiarity with the leagues over there, I always struggle with knowing who to watch when it comes to studying the European game, but I remember a buddy of mine a year ago saying, “Just watch as much Fotis Katsikaris as you can.” One overall defensive notes I’ve made while watching a lot of European basketball is how much more aggressive they are off the ball. So much stunting, so much foot-faking, so many “go switches.” This is an extreme example, but look here how Zalgiris Kaunas defended Keith Langford in iso situations (LINK).

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