The Legacy of Coach Grg

Two good reads linked below on legendary NBA assistant Tim Grgurich, recipient of the 2018 Tex Winter Assistant Coach Lifetime Impact Award. Grgurich, 76, is known throughout the NBA as one of the greatest assistant coaches in the league’s history. He won a championship as a member of the Dallas Mavericks staff in 2011 and was George Karl’s right-hand man during the mid-90’s for the great Sonics teams (Grg had the task of calming Gary Payton down). Grgurich, who gets credit for revolutionizing the NBA warmup to what you see today, recently signed on to become an assistant for Dwane Casey in Detroit.

“Now,” said Dallas Mavericks coach and NBCA president Rick Carlisle, “that pregame period is a time for game simulation with assistant coaches for guys who are going to be featured players on a given night. And it’s conditioning and skill development for depth players or inactive. In an NBA season, there’s so much going on, you’ve got to make the most of every second. When Gurg started doing this stuff for Seattle, it was a total game-changer. He had a lot to do with getting other NBA coaches out on the floor with their players.”

‘Humbled’ Tim Grgurich receives 2018 Tex Winter Assistant Coach Lifetime Impact Award

“He’s been responsible not only for developing a lot of good NBA careers but for saving a lot of NBA careers,” Bucks assistant Greg Foster said. “Guys that have totally been written off, guys that teams have wanted to trade or get rid of, guys that have lost total confidence in their own ability. I would take it another step further and say not only players but coaches (benefit). It’s a great place as a coach to get a lot of experience, and it’s work. He’s always been about work. He’s probably the best at understanding how much energy from a coaching standpoint needs to go into the game. There are no days off with him.”

Basketball guru Grgurich has behind-the-scenes impact

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