Thank You, San Antonio

Really good first-person piece from Tony Parker on his departure from the San Antonio Spurs after 17 years. Parker’s farewell ends up reading as a fantastic summation of the Spurs culture – from the veterans looking out for the younger players to Tim Duncan being so coachable to Parker stepping aside for Dejounte Murray to assume the role of starting point guard. This is a great article to pass along to your players with all the lessons that Parker imparts.

Here’s the thing, though, with all those experiences, both the “good” ones and the “bad” ones: They all made me a better player — and they all made me a better person. And that’s just Pop, man. That’s what makes him so special. It’s no B.S. when he’s giving you these words of encouragement … and it’s no B.S. when he’s giving you these words of criticism. When he’s starting you, when he’s benching you, when he’s handing you the keys to the offense, or even when he’s shopping the keys around in free agency to someone else … man, you’re still getting the same Pop, operating on the same principle, every time. And that principle is: anything that happens on his watch, it happens for one reason and one reason only. The good of the Spurs.


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