Post-July Thoughts

Some rambling thoughts coming out of the July recruiting period…

-I just don’t get kids that choose to play with a high-level team when they barely play/don’t play at all.
-I just don’t understand how a 2019 kid doesn’t have an SAT/ACT score yet. I’m not going to say it should be required, but any kid who has a desire to be recruited should have a test score on file by March of his junior year of high school.
-Probably a little “Broken Windows Theory” at play here, but I wish more AAU teams strived to operate with class.
-I wish Condoleezza Rice would understand that it’s not an AAU problem. It’s a top-25 problem and when I say that I don’t mean that the kids themselves are the problem, it’s the desire to “control” these kids by adults for personal gain that’s the problem. The problems of the current system swirl over these top players. The NCAA should focus on fixing this and helping these players as much as they can (via involvement with USA Basketball, financial management education, allow them to build relationships LEGALLY with financial advisors, etc.)
-There are many ways to coach/motivate, why do so many AAU coaches choose to coach in anger? Yes, college coaches coach in anger, but it is just one manner in which they coach/motivate. It seems AAU coaches choose to coach through anger at an absurdly high rate.
-Great feeling: Deleting all the tournament schedule apps from ur phone on that last Sunday.
-Too many players try to shoot the ball in crowds.
-It’d be so hard to regulate, but one of the sneaker circuits should make the bold move to ban zone defenses. Looking at you EYBL, you have enough cache.
-Nice backdoor set here from Drew Dawson with PTT-Blue out of Connecticut

-Tell me a reason why deregulation wouldn’t help the recruiting scene. Give each staff the same number of recruiting days you give them now and tell them to go nuts. Mark off a “scholastic events” section of the calendar where a kid can only be seen with his high school team and then make August (peak Jersey shore) dead. Everything else is fair game. Coaches can choose the events they want to go to and don’t need to be held up by event cash-grabs while kids don’t have to attempt to play 15 of 19 days (talking 30-37 games).
-College coaches have to understand that if a roster is wrong or not in the book, it’s not on the event. It’s on the team not inputting / not updating the roster.
-Along those same lines: that AAU team that prints out a sheet with updated uniforms, test scores, high school coach’s #, etc? Ya know the guy that walks along the coaches section passing the sheet out? Maybe it’s a bit tacky, but why don’t more teams do that?

-I know this is an obvious lament, but there are just too many Euro-Steps. Everyone can Euro-Step, but very few have another finish to go when a body is lined up in front of them on their drive and many try to Euro when the read isn’t there.
-I feel like once you add a shot clock to AAU there ends being two kinds of possessions: run-outs off a turnover/defensive rebound or late-clock heaves versus a packed-in 2-3. I wish those teams worked a little less on zones and 3/4 Court pressure and more on just sending a few guys back on D when a shot goes up.

-I liked this handoff play from Team Lavine Gold out of Washington that they kept getting on the Adidas Gauntlet circuit. The little butt-screen by 1 + the downhill angle of the DHO makes this really hard to guard.

-I’ve heard so much adulation of the “European Model” of player development. That model benefits the top 1% of players. In Europe, an agent identifies that really tall or really talented 13 y/o and then a bunch of pro teams bid on him. Understand this: that model doesn’t benefit the other 99%. Go ahead and do that with our top guys (see above), but please understand what the “European Model” entails before waxing poetically about it.
-The highest level of fundamentals: Indiana/Ohio. The teaching by high school coaching in the Midwest is just phenomenal. Some have asked me to expand on this…here’s what I see: I see cleaner shooting forms, I see the ability to start and end drives without traveling, I see dexterity, and I see guards getting to the places they need to efficiently.
Paper Mate’s Flair Felt Tip Pin is the best pen on the market and it’s not even really all that close.
-It’s amazing to see how many kids are adept at making 3’s off the bounce. The Steph Effect.

-Question posed to me: “Is it really the worst thing in the world that we replaced the last two July periods with NCAA-run exposure camps and two June weekends of evaluations of these kids with their high school teams?” Much of that answer depends on the execution of those two concepts (NCAA’s camps + June’s “scholastic events”), but the person isn’t totally wrong here.
-A “referee tryout camp” on court 3 means there’s going to be a ton of whistles and court 3 will be 40 minutes behind by noon.

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