Deathblow: What a Warriors Run Feels Like

Great idea by ESPN’s Baxter Holmes to go into detail on the most exciting thing in basketball over the last four years: a Golden State Warriors run. Over the last four regular seasons, the Dubs have gone on 10-0 runs 253 times. The Warriors’ record in games where they streaked like this is 165-20 (a .890 winning percentage). Holmes goes into detail about how devastating a Warriors’ run is from the other sideline, how defensive stops key the runs, and the psychology of a Golden State deathblow.

Trying to diagnose the why of how it starts leads to a chicken-or-egg dilemma. Do the stops lead to the runs, or do the runs lead to the stops? But what is true, by and large, is that the Warriors believe it’s the former. That’s why Kerr preaches three stops, three stops, three stops, trusting that if his team strings together three in a row, it can lead to three straight 3-pointers. “Three possessions is the difference between a close game and a blowout,” Curry says. “That’s what makes us dangerous — that it can happen at any time.”


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