A New Culture

I loved this piece from Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer on the culture-change taking place in San Francisco. Shanahan dropped one of my favorite quotes on culture that I’ve ever heard a couple of paragraphs in (see below). It echoed Archie Miller’s “Identity over Culture” idea from this post. Culture is the daily interactions and standards of performance that run through your program, not the words you present to your team at the beginning of the year.

“Going on my head coach interviews, everyone wants to know, ‘Hey, what’s going to be your culture?’ ” Shanahan said, about three hours earlier in his office. “Everyone wants some magical trendy thing that sounds neat and excites an owner. My whole thing with culture—a coach can talk all they want and say what they want, but culture has to do with the people in the building. If you bring in the right people, the culture takes care of itself. And so our whole deal was, we want people who work hard, overachievers, whether they’re talented or not, because they’re grinding and they’re always trying to earn something.”


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