Treadmill Mentality

I really liked this first-person piece written by Memphis Grizzlies guard Jevon Carter. Carter, a second-round pick, recently signed a multi-year contract with the Grizzlies after a fabulous career playing for Bob Huggins at West Virginia. That Carter ended up at West Virginia at all was surprising in that he was considered only a mid-major prospect. The story of Bob Huggins watching him at AAU Nationals in Orlando is one of the better recruiting stories out there. This is a great article to share with your players.

The secret was treadmills. We learned to be afraid of them.

See, it was like this at West Virginia: The only thing that mattered to Coach was that we played harder, every single play, than the other team.

And the treadmill was our punishment if we made a mistake in practice. If your guy was able to dribble to the middle of the court while you were guarding him, you had to get off the court and get on the treadmill and run 18 mph for 45 seconds. Right on the side of the court. Allow an offensive rebound … you’re on the treadmill. Let your guy drive past you. Treadmill. Turn the ball over. Allow an uncontested layup, miss a box out, lag getting back on D … you’re running.


For more on Huggins/Carter:
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