Best Podcasts: July 2018

Linked below are some of the best podcasts I’ve listened to lately. I did a similar post in May (LINK), March (LINK), January (LINK), November (LINK), September (LINK), and July (LINK).

Eric Kapitulik’s appearance on Outperform: The Acceleration Partners Link | iTunes Mobile Link
I’m a huge fan of Kapitulik and The Program, a company he founded in 2008 with the goal of providing professional and collegiate athletic teams with leadership development and team building services. If you enjoy this podcast and want to learn more about The Program, check out THIS POST from last spring. My favorite thought from Kapitulik in this podcast: Be passion-driven and not emotion-driven. I appreciate Ben Wilkins for passing this podcast along.

Steve Kerr’s appearance on The Lowe Post Link | iTunes Mobile Link
I listen to every podcast that Lowe posts, but this episode was my favorite of the last year. Kerr delivers some fantastic coaching nuggets in the interview. I loved the “There’s a reason we pour champagne on each other” story, his thoughts on the Cavaliers bench footage, and his Rockets-switching analysis. The best piece of the interview however was Kerr’s answer (33:45) to Zach Lowe’s question about his midseason lunch with Kevin Durant: “I’ve learned that coaching is really all these conversations privately that you have with the guys that keeps everything going. You present your vision for each day and the big picture…You draw up your ATOs and you figure out your substitution patterns, but coaching is really about the private conversations you have over the course of the year.”

Malcolm Gladwell debates Adam Grant Link | iTunes Mobile Link
I’ve previously posted a couple of episodes from Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History and while I am very much enjoying Season 2, the recent Gladwell podcast that has stuck with me the most has been this conversation between Gladwell and Adam Grant, author of Give & Take and Originals. Featured in this podcast: Great insight into Gladwell’s creative process, a tremendous back & forth between Grant and Gladwell about teams and “fit” and how to be disagreeable.

Dave Paulsen’s appearance on The Basketball Podcast Link | iTunes Mobile Link
I mentioned Chris Oliver’s new podcast in my “Favorite Coaching Resources” post last month, but I wanted to make sure I linked to an episode here. There have been 6 episodes so far and all are 45-minute nerd-out sessions for coaching junkies. I love Paulsen’s line in this about the game needing to look more like their practice than their opponent’s practice.

Donovan Mitchell’s appearance on The Woj Pod Link | iTunes Mobile Link
This is a great one for players and coaches alike. Mitchell sits down with Woj to discuss his breakout rookie season, his relationship with Quin Snyder, how his Jazz teammates helped him in his transition to stardom, and learning the responsibilities of being a star player. I highly suggest you passing this episode along to your players. Some key topics to discuss with your players: Mitchell’s constant questioning of teammates and rivals, his “every-day” mentality, the role the Jazz veterans played in his development, and Mitchell’s thoughts on Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook.

Navy SEAL Mike Zapata’s appearance on Invest Like the Best Link | iTunes Mobile Link
I loved this conversation between Zapata and Patrick O’Shaughnessy. Zapata is a value investor and his method reflects not only his MBA from Columbia’s Business School, but also what he learned across from more than a decade of active duty in the US Military. I love Zapata’s thoughts on what makes the great SEALs teams so great as well as his description of BUDs training.

Tom Brady’s appearance on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Link | iTunes Mobile Link
In this sit-down with Oprah, Brady dished on his longevity, legacy, and life after football. It was really interesting to hear Brady talk about the spiritual side of football as Oprah really pushes Brady to open up and talk about his spirituality and how he arrived at his life routines. The episode linked above is Part 1, the second episode can be found HERE.

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