An Obsessive Quest

It’s really good when talking to players about the importance of routine to show them an NBA player who has really embraced that concept. As J.J. Redick tells it, he wouldn’t be in the NBA right now if not for discovering a routine to both get himself ready to play each night and to make sure he is healthy to play the night that follows. The New York Times piece linked below dives into Medick’s step-by-step process and it’s definitely a good one to share with your players.

But in explaining his success, Redick cited the monotony of his daily routine. He has an insatiable desire for structure. He finds joy in the mundane.

“As you progress as a basketball player, the world around you becomes more and more chaotic,” Redick said. “There’s more talent, there are more distractions — and these are all factors that create a lack of control. By having a routine, by having habits that I can fall back on, it’s my way of enacting control. It’s the only thing I can control.”


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