Raising Lakers

Linked below is a really good Q&A with Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Miles Simon on his main function on the Lakers staff: player-development. The best part of the Q&A is when Simon starts diving into the specifics of the three players he works with and the specific things each guy is working on this offseason. To hear Simon break down what he is looking to add or refine to each player’s game got me thinking elementally about the players I work with on an individual basis.

And I can still remember one thing in particular when we were going through our tough stretch when we were in Orlando and Josh wasn’t playing that great. I did some research and took the previous five drafts before his, and looked at the guys drafted between No. 25 and 30, which is 30 guys total, to see how many guys were still in the NBA. It was less than half. I think it was 13, and two days later, another guy got cut, so it was 12. Most of the guys that remained were hard working, tough dudes like Jimmy Butler and one of the Plumlee brothers. All these guys you can tell work hard every day. So I showed it to him, and said (if you think) you’re guaranteed to be here forever, look at this. I’d also shown it to Luke, and he thought it was really good. So I’m not saying that specific thing sparked Josh, but you have to show these guys what the reality can be and how fast it can happen.


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