How Steph Curry Shapes the Warriors

Really good read on how Steph Curry is not only a star player for the Warriors, but he embodies the culture that Steve Kerr set out to build when he took over in 2014. There are some excellent quotes in here including Kevin Durant on the Warriors’ culture being built around Curry: “If you come in here and you have an ego, or you think you’re bigger than the team, the guy who we built this around is not. So maybe you need to go. You know what I’m saying?”

Practice ended hours ago at the Warriors’ Oakland facility, and Klay Thompson is heading toward the door, the last Warrior to leave. It’s May 11, a few days before the Warriors open their much-anticipated conference finals series against the Rockets, but Thompson pauses before exiting. He looks across the empty court, at a far basket — the one Curry shoots on every day. “He works as if he’s still a rookie, [as if] he’s still trying to make his way in this league,” Thompson says of his Splash Brother, a teammate for seven seasons. “We all see that, and it makes us go to our hoops and put [in] work. No one wants to be off the floor before him, because this man is the one.”


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