Favorite Coaching Resources 5

This is my 5th ediiton of this concept and I’ve come to really enjoy these posts as it gives me a chance to share with others what I am using to get better as a coach. For the previous editions of these posts, check below
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-My favorite resource I’ve come across lately is the “Efficient Sauce” Instagram account. Run by Ross McMains, a G-League assistant and a New Zealand native, the account posts several video breakdowns every day. Must-follow for coaches.

-Books that I’ve read or am excited to start reading: Seth Davis’ “Getting to Us: How Great Coaches Make Great Teams” profiles some of the best coaches in all of sports and tries to dive into what makes them so good. A good coaching friend of mine texted me last week saying that Robert Coram’s “Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War” is one of the best books he’s ever read. I ordered it right away as a birthday present for myself. I can’t wait to get started. In December I spoke about my excitement for the release of Daniel Coyle’s “The Culture Code.” Read it if you haven’t already and if you already have, but haven’t read Coyle’s earlier book “The Talent Code,” go for it. I’m a big Joe Maddon fan so I was excited to pick up “Try Not to Suck.” Just ok, Tom Verducci’s “The Cubs Way” is the one you want to read. It’s not the traditional book you’re used to me recommending on here, but I just started S.C. Gwynn’s “Empire of the Summer Moon” (per the recommendation of Ted Hotaling) about the rise and fall of the Comanche Nation and WOW…just terrific. “The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success” has been out for some time, but is a good read despite it being a very different kind of business book than I am used to recommending. Rather than focusing on management techniques, the book instead focuses on the role of the CEO as one who decides the sources and uses of cash and investments for the company (capital allocation). I love reading about Navy SEALs and “Fearless” by Eric Blehm about Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown was just recommended to me. I’ve browsed through Adrian Gostick’s “The Best Team Wins: The New Science of High Performance” and can’t wait to get into a bit more. My dad just finished Ron Chernow’s Ulysses S. Grant biography and raves about it. I’m not quite sure I have 1104 pages in me, but I’m intrigued to learn more about one of America’s greatest leaders (+ a West Point guy).

-I recommended it in December in my previous post, but Ben Falk’s content on Cleaning the Glass went to a whole different level during the playoffs. For a coach that’s interested in learning more about the NBA game, $50 for the year is too easy of a decision.

-4 videos I loved: “You’re Not Ready to Play in College Until You Watch This” (LINK) with Andrew Jones (Texas), TJ Starks (Texas A&M), Tim Martin (skills trainer) & Erick Neal (Texas-Arlington) talking about their college experience to a group of high school players. Vic Sfera, new assistant at Charlotte under Ron Sanchez, put together a great teaching tape on Jevon Carter’s defense of Trae Young (LINK) in the two West Virginia/Oklahoma matchups. Good video produced by TNT about Kevin Garnett’s mentality – “You call it crazy. We call it KG” (LINK). I loved hearing Larry Bird talk about how he got to be such a good passer in this video (LINK) produced by NBA TV.

-2 recommendations in the Hip-Hop realm (that speak to so much more than just hip-hop): I loved, loved, LOVED David Letterman’s conversation with Jay-Z as part of Letterman’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” series on Netflix. Their conversation reached depths I wasn’t expecting. I highly recommend it. The other recommendation I’ll make is HBO’s 4-part “The Defiant Ones” on the relationship between Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre. The drive both those two guys had to make it in the music industry was inspiring and there’s some truths to pull out.

-I loved the Indianapolis Colts putting out the video of Frank Reich’s first team meeting. Must-watch for all coaches (LINK). Another football item I liked: ESPN’s “Two Bills” on the relationship between Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick.

-Three new podcasts that have landed on my radar: Ryan Hawk’s” The Learning Leader Show” is my favorite new podcast – some great conversations with a variety of guests. “We Study Billionaires – The Investors Podcast” is one I just got into but I’m a fan already of their episodes where they review a popular book (The Compound Effect, Blink, How the Mighty Fall, Principles, etc.). Not many people have influenced the way I view the game and coaching like Chris Oliver of Basketball Immersion has so I was pumped to hear he was starting his own podcast (The Basketball Podcast). Episode #1 just dropped with George Mason head coach Dave Paulsen as the featured guest.

-For those interested in working their way up in professional sports, The Mary Kline Classic Sports & Business Symposium (LINK) should be a great event. Benefiting cancer research at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson, the event will feature speakers from various parts of the sports world.

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