Ben Falk: Draft Q&A

Linked below is a great Draft Q&A Ben Falk ran on his Cleaning the Glass site. The article ran yesterday and is free for all readers (with part 2 publishing today for subscribers). I loved Falk’s answer to the question about how much influence a coach has on his team’s drafting (great Warren Buffett reference) along with his “scouting spectrum” and the suggestion that there might be a positive in a GM watching less film (a person in that role should be an executive not a scout, Falk argues).

Falk answered the following reader-submitted questions in the linked piece:
-What is draft day itself like for the front office?
-What influence does a coach have on the draft and how does he work alongside the GM in terms of scouting and drafting?
-How much involvement does the strength & training/biomechanics and the player development staff have in discussions of player evaluations?
-How much film do GMs watch on each player? Have they gone through every single game of 60-to-70 prospects?
-How much does the behind-the-scenes mechanics of agent relationships, player workout/medical info availability manipulation, etc. play a role in player selection?
-How does a front office evaluate trade offers from teams in such a short time period between picks?
-What are the central questions teams are trying to answer with their extensive background research on each player?


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