The First of Many Steph Curry Clones?

Linked below is a really good article by ESPN’s Kevin Pelton exploring the impact Steph Curry had on Oklahoma freshman guard Trae Young. I found Pelton’s piece to be poignant because the first time I saw Young play (his 29-point, 10-assist performance in a road win versus Wichita State), I thought he was the closest realization to Steph Curry for a generation that grew up admiring him. Pelton does a terrific job citing stats to illustrate his point and offers speculation whether Young is just the first of this edition with many more to follow. The article Pelton links to in the article was posted on this site last year: The Most Important Shot in the NBA.

However, one specific area of Curry’s game that has been responsible for the growth of 3-point attempts in the NBA does seem to have trickled down to the college level: players shooting 3s off the dribble. I investigated the rising importance of the pull-up 3 during last year’s playoffs, and college players and coaches seem to have taken notice, too.


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