Spoelstra: “Fizdale made me better”

Good read linked below on David Fizdale, who last week was named head coach of the New York Knicks. Fizdale comes to the Knicks after getting fired by Memphis just 19 games into his second season despite making the playoffs in year 1. Fizdale is most known for his time as an assistant in Miami with the Heat and the article below focuses on his relationship with Erik Spoelstra and the credit his former boss gives him for pushing him and challenging him to think in a different way.

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra didn’t always agree with David Fizdale’s suggestions and he joked that he threw him out of his office many times when the two worked together. But Spoelstra always appreciated Fizdale’s mind, viewpoint and ability to challenge him. “Fiz definitely made me better,” Spoelstra said during a conference call Wednesday afternoon. “We had some epic, legendary fights. We would challenge each other all the time. Fiz was not afraid to share his opinion. I wanted him to challenge me, question things, make me look at things in a different lens. And he constantly did that.


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