One Dinner at a Time

Those that frequent the site know I love studying football coaches because of how advanced the sport is in terms of organization and detail. One of my favorite coaches to study lately has been Virginia Tech head coach Justin Fuente. My favorite article on Fuente is actually one that was written in 2016 shortly after he was hired about how he was getting to known his new team. In my opinion, having the team over for dinner with their family is one of the best bonding exercises a coach can do with their players.

For the Hokies new leader, setting a tone for the season — and this new era for Virginia Tech football — happens on both the field and over dinner. “Every kid on our team is going to eat dinner at my kitchen table,” Fuente said. “I think it’s important for those kids, to add depth to our relationship. I think it’s important that they see me as a father and a husband as well, not just a head coach. Not just the guy who makes them do it over again or gets on their tail if they’re not doing it right.”


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