Michael Lombardi on Decision Making

Embedded below is one of my favorite resources I’ve read over the last month. The Ringer’s Michael Lombardi, a former NFL GM, is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever come across and I am fortunate to have learned from him. Below is a transcript of a talk he gave for Farnam Street Blog run by Shane Parrish. If you’re not reading Parrish’s site, you need to be. Farnam Street is my favorite non-sports website because it forces me to think about my thinking. The Lombardi transcript is long (28 pages) so I included my notes beneath the PDF. I can’t wait for Lombardi’s book “Gridiron Genius: A Master Class in Winning Championships and Building Dynasties in the NFL” to come out in September. You can pre-order a copy on Amazon today (LINK).

Link to my notes on the document can be found HERE

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