Celtics Hustle Edit

Like most in the basketball world, I’ve been extremely impressed with the grittiness of the Celtics as they have powered their way into a showdown with LeBron with a Finals appearance on the line. The Celtics, particularly Marcus Smart, play with a recklessness that you’re just not used to seeing.

In regards to hustle, Brad Stevens has one of my favorite lines. In the quote, in which he’s actually paraphrasing another New England coaching icon, Stevens suggests that if coaches want a tough, hard-nosed team, they should make sure they have tough, hard-nosed players. His point is that some players are more naturally inclined to put their body on the line than others. Between Smart, Terry Rozier, Al Horford, Jayson Tatum and the rest of the Celtics, Danny Ainge has done a wonderful job of stocking Stevens’ roster with tough, hard-nosed players. For more on Stevens’ philosophy on hustle plays, check out this story from 2016. Embedded below is a video compilation of some of the hustle plays Smart and the Celtics have made this season.

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