The NBA Team With a 4-Point Line

Linked below is a great article on how Brett Brown got a little creative to teach his Sixers players the importance of spacing. With two dynamic playmakers in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, Brown knew giving those guys room to operate would be vital and had an idea to open up the court: install a “4-point line” at the Sixers practice facility in Camden, New Jersey. This kind of thing has been done often at the college level with many NCAA teams putting down the NBA 3-point line on their practice floor (Rick Majerus was the first one I know to do this).

“When you look at modern-day offense, and you try to play a style that I believe in and have for a while,” Brown said, “you have to space the floor, you have to shoot threes and you have to create room.” Which is why the 4-point line exists in Philadelphia. “We want to take it to a higher level and space further,” Brown said. “We want to stretch the court more.”


For a PDF of the article, click HERE.

The Houston Rockets have taken a similar approach under Mike D’Antoni. Over 50% of Houston’s 3-pointers come from beyond 25 feet. For more on their approach, read the article below.

Rockets shoot very deep 3-pointers on purpose. Here’s why. (LINK)

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