Nova’s Final 4 Shooting Clinic

Yesterday, I broke down Villanova’s win over Kansas and focused on how the Wildcats were able to create so many 3’s. Kansas struggled to defend the 3-point line all year (they were just 235th in the nation in 3PA/FGA) and they spent all 40 minutes Saturday night chasing the ball.


-Kansas really struggled to adjust to playing an offense with a 5-man that could shoot. Villanova’s 5’s accounted for 8 three-pointers attempted against KU’s man-to-man (Spellman 7, Paschall 1). There were 2 more attempts against KU’s zone (one by Spellman, one by Booth when KU’s forward didn’t want to come off Spellman in the corner).

-The Steph Effect: Villanova went 4/6 on 3’s taken off the dribble (Brunson 3/4, DiVincenzo 1/1, Booth 0/1).

-Brunson’s ability to throw passes with one hand on-time/on-target = amazing.

Villanova’s 40 3-point Attempts:

Penetrate & Kick: 10
Pick & Roll: 7
Dribble-Into: 6
Post: 4
Zone: 3
Transition: 2
Kansas Press: 2
Offensive Rebound: 2
DHO: 1
Random: 3 (end of first half, late clock desperation, Kansas screw-up)

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