NFL Draft: Measuring the Immeasurable

Linked below is a tremendous article written last week by Danny Kelly of The Ringer. In the article, Kelly explains the process NFL teams go through to try to measure the intangibles of draft prospects. A player’s tape and measurables are only a part of the puzzle when it comes to prognosticating his development as a player so scouts need to really dive into the other stuff – things like football character, grit, resilience, family life, etc. I particularly liked the section midway through when Kelly talked about how even the same character trait can be perceived two completely different ways by two franchises: Is a quarterback who often asks “Why?” uncoachable or is he intellectually curious? The article is one of my favorites I’ve read on the draft as there are some tremendous insights into evaluation and the importance of all aspects of an organization being in alignment.

That’s where a well-defined plan and clear lines of communication from decision-makers to coaches and scouts can be key. “What’s incumbent upon the general manager is to make sure the team defines which traits, both on and off the field, they’re looking for,” said McCartney. “The better teams do a good job of bringing all their evaluators into that decision-making process and getting onto the same page.”


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