How to Beat Michigan/Villanova

I really liked this ESPN article where Jeff Borzello got coaches that matched up with the 4 teams that played Saturday night to speak under anonymity on the best way to beat them. Really succinct analysis on what makes Villanova so hard to guard.

Villanova: “They shoot the ball from five positions. There are very few teams that shoot it from five positions,” an opposing coach said. “The other thing is when [Eric] Paschall is in the game, they drive from five positions. They have you on a string. People make such an emphasis to be there on the catch, that opens up their ability to drive you. The threat of being such a good shooting team opens up even more shots. Eventually that ball keeps pinging around, they all play for one another and they’re all very willing passers.”

Michigan: “You go in saying we’re going to switch ball screens,” one coach said. “OK, when do you switch? On contact? That’s the thing every defense has to figure out. What if they never set one, and just shuffle their feet and get out of it? It takes a really disciplined approach. Their ball screen, they wait for you to make a coverage call, then they figure out if they’re going to set or slip it. If you scream left, he’s going to bail out and you have two on the ball and they’ve got numbers.”


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