Brett Brown: “That was my Compass”

Really good read on how the Sixers emerged from the most daring rebuild in NBA history to be a playoff team this year and owners of the second-best record in the NBA since Christmas. I thought some of Brett Brown’s comments in the article would be really helpful for any coach who has yet to see positive results, but feels good about their process.

“You’re given an opportunity, so he got to see who can react the best. And over the years, he just stuck with it, being big on player development, playing hard and guarding, being a good defensive team and just playing with energy. That’s what we’ve been and that allowed us to get to where we are now,” Robert Covington, one of the successes of the 76ers’ player development program, told Yahoo Sports. “His same principles have not changed since Day 1. Now that we’re in this moment now, everything is falling in place.”


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