Windex, A Pail, and a Hard Hat

Good read below on a post-game tradition that has become a hallmark of the culture at Paul VI High School under coach Glen Farello. Off-beat trophies for various achievements are mostly a football thing (think Miami’s Turnover Chain or Georgia’s spiky shoulder pads), but Farello offers an example of how this kind of thing could work for hoops. Farello readily admits the idea is a bit tacky, but talks about how his guys have embraced it as a part of their culture. I’ve come to notice that many “culture cornerstones” are corny and that should empower coaches to move forward with different ideas they think could reach their teams.

“At first, they all looked at me like I was crazy,” Farello said. “Then as time went on, they got into the spirit of it. They celebrated it. They would nominate each other. It was really a great team-bonding thing and sparked a little rivalry and competition within the group. It’s a nice recognition for the guys doing all the blue-collar things.”


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