Alex Cora: This Generation’s Manager

Good read linked below from the New York Times on new Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora. Cora is just 42 and played in the major leagues as recently as seven years ago. The Sox hiring a manager that young might have surprised people a decade ago, but it’s become the norm throughout the league. In fact, with so many youth on the Boston’s roster, GM Dave Dombrowski explicitly sought out a “younger voice, a connectivity voice.”

“You have to have such a multitude of skills for that job, and the more experiences you can have in different areas is extremely important,” said Dave Dombrowski, Boston’s president of baseball operations. “Guys with that type of background — when they’ve played in the World Series, been around the game their whole lives, when they have leadership skills, when they can communicate well — I think that gives them a much better opportunity to be successful.”


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