How to Build a Successful Team

The New York Times’ Adam Bryant is one of my favorite writers to read. In fact, I learned as much about management/leadership from Adam Bryant’s weekly “Corner Office” column (which ended in September 2017) than any other resource. The article linked below is kind of a treatise on building a successful organization/team with all the knowledge that Bryant has gleaned from his weekly conversations with top business executives for the column. Great stuff in here on the value of your organization having a high ‘do-to-say’ ratio, the problem with your list of 7 priorities, and why your employees/players making fun of you is a good sign.

1. Make a Plan (You need a measurable for what you want to accomplish)
2. Rules of the Road (You’ll need a set of values, behaviors, and cultural guardrails so that everybody knows how to work together)
3. Show a Little Respect (If team members don’t feel respected, they won’t be motivated to bring their best ideas – and their best selves – to work)
4. It’s About the Team (A team is stronger when everybody delivers on their individual roles)
5. Have Conversations (Difficult discussions aren’t anyone’s idea of fun – but they are necessary for running a successful team)


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