From Mid to Major: Transferring Up

Good read below talking about the transfer culture that exists in today’s college basketball world. USA Today’s Lindsay Schnell does a nice job highlighting specific players that “transferred up” (as in leaving a smaller Division I program to going to a high-major one). Schnell spoke to 5 different players who had made the transition and discussed their motives, any surprises that greeted them at their new home, and how they have adjusted to a new level of basketball. This topic has become even a bigger issue with news rippling through the college basketball world that the NCAA is potentially going to allow players to transfer without sitting out a year in residence at their new school (which is the current mandate). I don’t agree with all the sentiments shared in this article, but I think it’s a very interesting read on a loaded topic.

“If you transfer to a perennial top 30 program … it’s just going to be a lot harder, and guys know that,” Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin said. “Yeah, there are perks — you’re playing on ESPN, flying on charters, playing in front of packed arenas … But they’re signing on for more work and harder work, and you admire the kid who wants to challenge himself.”


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