January Coaching Nuggets

-Quin Snyder (Utah Jazz): No matter what direction the ball is going on a spread pick & roll, help on the roller comes from the defender guarding the lowest man on the double-side. I felt we were getting killed in single-side bump situations with good shooters. Rather than bringing help there, we chose to automatically come from the double-side no matter what the direction the ball is going in.

-Tom Coughlin (Jacksonville Jaguars): Character accelerates the growth of talent.

-Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics): Our priorities in transition are as follows (1) Basket (2) Ball (3) Great Shooters

-Chris Collins (Northwestern): I thought coaching was all about strategy—putting guys in, taking them out, all that stuff. But I realized, being around Coach K, that the most important thing is getting the group of guys that you lead to believe in you and want to fight for you. In order to do that, they first of all have to know that you love them, that you care about them, that you have their best interest at heart.

-John Beilein (Michigan): Try to reject as many ball screens as you can.

-Ted Hotaling (New Haven): The team that controls the ball controls the pace.

-Don Meyer: Leg whip to a seal (post play): Split it, Whip it, Sit it. Pop with the forearm, split the defenders legs with your leg, whip and put butt into defense.

-Jason Bettcher (Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator): I’ve learned the lesson of not over-coaching and making things more complicated than they need to be, sometimes the hard way. You have this preconception of this scheme or that scheme. But sometimes what you do best overrides what the best scheme is. In-game, hearing what guys are saying coming off the field and having those conversations, that’s important.

-Dave Severns (former NBA assistant): It’s okay to leave feet to make a pass, never ok to leave your feet to FIND a pass.

-Steve Clifford (Charlotte Hornets): Offense is getting 2 to the ball so you have a 3-on-2 somewhere else. Only thing is this: you have to get 2 on the ball with a good player. I watch the college game and see too many teams getting 2 on the ball, but with a bad offensive player. Don’t bring 2 to the ball with bad players

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