Brey: ‘I try to take the bullets’

Really good read on Mike Brey, the self-described “loosest coach in America.” Brey ranges far from the “drill sergeant” archetype and his personality has worked wonders in building the Irish program. Anyone who has watched Notre Dame play even for a minute knows Brey is easy-going, but this article did a good job giving us coaches some detail behind the shtick.

Assistants recall Brey’s scowl when they yell out offensive plays on the sideline. “He wants guys to use whatever skill set they have and he doesn’t want us to overcoach them,” said Gene Cross, an Irish assistant from 2006 to ’08. “If we were yelling things out on the sideline offensively, he would turn to us and give the most evil eye and tell us to shut the hell up and let these guys play. It was really simple, easy, free-flowing and allowing guys to be creative.”


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