Best Podcasts: January 2018

Linked below are some of the best podcasts I’ve listened to lately. I did a similar post in November (LINK), September (LINK), and July (LINK).

Bill Belichick’s appearance on Suiting Up with Paul Rabil Link / iTunes Mobile Link
This episode was recorded back in May, but I figured I’d link to it here. Belichick doesn’t do many media appearances like this so it was great to hear him speak in depth about his coaching philosophy. Well worth the listen.

DeMar DeRozan’s appearance on The Woj Pod Link / iTunes Mobile Link
The majority of what I post on this site is designed for coach-consumption, but this episode is one that you need to pass along to your players (while making sure to listen yourself). DeRozan’s message is so good (I love his point about spending time on your craft rather than worrying about your brand). Another good one: Woj’s episode with Victor Oladipo (LINK).

Matt Painter’s appearance on Coaching U Podcast Link / iTunes Mobile Link
It’s a little long, but Painter is really good in this episode. This quote is my favorite: “It’s not my job to be liked. It’s my job to be respected by my players when they’re 30.”

Lane Kiffin’s appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show Link / iTunes Mobile Link
This 13-minute conversation between ESPN’s Le Batard and Florida Atlantic head coach (and former Alabama offensive coordinator) Lane Kiffin is tremendous. I thought Kiffin’s point about Saban’s coaching philosophy being reared in the NFL was tremendous.

Jim Calhoun’s appearance on The Upside with Adam Finkelstein Link (not on iTunes)
What Jim Calhoun did in taking the University of Connecticut from the Yankee Conference to the top of the basketball world is simply incredible and Finkelstein does a nice job of getting Calhoun to open up a bit on the early years of this transformation. Good stuff as well as the conversation turns to Calhoun’s coaching philosophy.

Ben Falk’s appearance on Locked On NBA (Part 2) Link / iTunes Mobile Link
Being both an NBA nut and a stat geek, I loved this conversation between Utah Jazz play-by-play guy David Locke and Ben Falk, founder of Cleaning the Glass. I linked above to part 2 of their conversation because I thought they discussed some topics that were more transferrable to coaches at all levels, but part 1 can be found HERE.

GM Street: Divisional Round Rapid Reactions Link / iTunes Mobile Link
You’ve seen me link to this podcast before. While the pod is obviously NFL-specific, Lombardi offers so many good points about management and leadership that I think each episode is a must-listen for all coaches. The episode in particular was awesome. His criticism of Steve Sarkisian’s play-calling late in the game was terrific.

Ryan Leaf’s appearance on The Monday Morning Quarterback Podcast Link / iTunes Mobile Link
I thought this was a terrific conversation between Leaf and King about the former #2 pick’s harrowing path from the Heisman Trophy presentation to a California jail cell. The lessons Leaf shares with King about his destruction and his journey are terrific.

I also wanted to link to a podcast I did last month with the guys from Create Your Shot: How to Make it in Sports. I hooked up with Tyler and Chris for a great conversation about how I found my way into college coaching. We covered a ton of topics and I honestly had a blast.

My appearance on Create Your Shot Link / iTunes Mobile Link

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