Top Posts of 2017

Listed below are the most popular posts on Pick & Pop in 2017:
1. Randy Bennett (St. Mary’s) Clinic Notes (LINK)
2. Favorite Coaching Resources 3 (LINK)
3. Golden State’s Switching Concepts (LINK)
4. Celtics “Fist” Series (LINK)
5. Attacking Switching – Concepts (LINK)
6. Sets That Have Caught My Eye (LINK)
7. Michael Lombardi on Coaching/Management (LINK)
8. Celtics X’s & O’s (LINK)
9. Steve Kerr Clinic Notes (LINK)
10. D’Antoni’s 21/Pistol Wrinkles (LINK)

Listed below are my favorite articles posted on the site in 2017:
1. Hustle Stats (LINK)
2. Brad Underwood’s “Overnight” Defensive Tweak (LINK)
3. Leadership Lessons of Steve Kerr (LINK)
4. Texas Tech’s Chris Beard on “The Process” (LINK)
5. Why/How D’Antoni Took the Pick out of the Pick & Roll (LINK)
6. Archie Miller: “Identity First, Culture Second” (LINK)
7. How 19-0 Vermont was Built (LINK)
8. Pitino Versus the Packline (LINK)
9. Jeff Van Gundy: “That’s What You Miss” (LINK)
10. Northern Colorado’s 5 Defensive 5’s (LINK)

My favorite clinic notes posted on the site in 2017:
1. Tim Jankovich Coaching U Notes (LINK)
2. Erik Spoelstra Clinic Notes (LINK)
3. Lennie Acuff Clinic Notes (LINK)
4. Steve Clifford Clinic Notes (LINK)
5. Notes from 4 NBA Training Camps (LINK)

My favorite X’s & O’s posts of 2017:
1. Attacking Switching – Sets/Actions (LINK)
2. Attacking 2-3 Zones With Side Ball Screens (LINK)
3. Pick & Roll Defense: Veer-Backs (LINK)
4. How Purdue Gets the Ball Inside (LINK)
5. Snap Series – Sixers/Pistons (LINK)

My favorite non-basketball posts from 2017:
1. Dabo-isms: An Ideology (LINK)
2. How to Increase Mental Toughness (LINK)
3. How a wave of new technology in 2000 cracked the door open for the newest generation of NFL coaching stars (LINK)
4. How Larry Fitzgerald Practices (LINK)
5. Urban Meyer’s Least Favorite Drill (LINK)

My favorite coaching resource posts from 2017:
1. Book Notes from Tom Verducci’s “The Cubs Way” (LINK)
2. “The Program” Notes (LINK)
3. My Favorite Basketball Books (LINK)
4. Bill Parcells Coaching Portfolio (LINK)
5. Best Recent Podcasts – November 2017 (LINK)

Top posts of 2016

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