Favorite Coaching Resources 4

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-A couple of great Twitter follows during the NBA season: @Nick_Sciria has great X’s & O’s analysis. @DylanTMurphy (similar approach as Sciria) is terrific as well. No one tweets out more set videos than @ry_nguyen. @Spinella14 has good NBA stuff as well and so does @John_Zall. For general coaching linkage: @CoachBruceHam, @TheCoachJournal, and @BBallImmersion all post great articles.

-Videos I’ve liked lately: I’m late on this one, but Kevin Garnett’s sit-down with Kevin McHale during 2017 All-Star Weekend was awesome. I’m a sucker for commencement speeches, but Theo Epstein’s talk to Yale’s seniors was one of the best I’ve heard (LINK). A great video I saw Monday was the one NFL Films tweeted out featuring Andy Reid and his 5 former assistants that are current NFL head coaches (I appreciate Chris Richardson for passing it along).

-Books I’ve read lately/am excited to start reading: I can’t recommend Principles: Life and Work by Ray Diallo enough. Just a fantastic read. Watch/listen to Diallo’s TED Talk to get a taste of his philosophy. I’m excited to get started on The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever. People have differing opinions of Tim Ferris, but I’ve really enjoyed his last two books: Tribe of Mentors and Tools of Titans (although there is some overlap between the two). I loved Daniel Coyle’s The Talent Code so I’m jacked for the late January release of his book The Culture Code. Two close coaching friends of mine rave about Insight. Fergus Connolly’s Game Changer is techy, but is chock-full of applicable ideas that can help your program. I don’t know why I was so late with Boys in the Boat, but I recently listened to it on a long recruiting trip driving through Texas and loved it. I talked about in last week’s post on the Army/Navy rivalry (14-13 Good Guys), but John Feinstein’s A Civil War is a great read. I might have discussed it in a previous post, but Team of Teams by General Steve McChrystal should shoot to the top of your reading list (I’m excited to check out One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams which was released in June). There’s nothing basketball-specific in any of those book recommendations, but if you’re looking for something exclusively on the game, check out my post here on my favorite basketball books.

-Two websites I’ve been enjoying lately: Being an NBA junkie, throwing down $50 for Ben Falk’s Cleaning the Glass site was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made. Falk’s great on Twitter, but his content behind the paywall is even better (I haven’t had much time to browse, but there seems to be great discussion in the site’s message board as well). Another hoops site I’ve enjoyed checking in on is Dylan Murphy’s The Basketball Dictionary. The site is based on an awesome premise (define basketball terms one-by-one with accompanying video) and I think it will play itself out nicely.

-I was three years late seeing it, but Whiplash is the best coaching movie I saw in 2017. A coaching friend sent me this scene last week and it prompted me to re-watch the movie during this weekend’s blizzard. Fantastic stuff.

-In the past, I’ve used this post to highlight some recent podcasts I’ve enjoyed, but I’ve made this a separate post the last two months. To see my podcast recommendations, check out the links below:
Best Podcasts (November)
Best Podcasts (September)
Best Podcasts (July)

-Some TV shows I’ve enjoyed lately: NFL Network did a great job with two different New England Patriots shows. While not as good as the original, “Do Your Job: Part 2” gives you a great behind-the-scenes look at how the Patriots staff works. “America’s Game: 2016 Patriots” really focuses on the Patriots’ 25-point Super Bowl comeback. With the Patriots headed to the playoffs, look for NFL Network to be running these 2 shows quite a bit. “Being P.J. Fleck,” ESPN’s 4-part miniseries on Minnesota head football coach P.J. Fleck, was a great glimpse into Fleck and the culture he is trying to build with the Gophers. ESPN is re-airing the episodes quite a bit across ESPN2 and ESPNU and has made them available on the WatchESPN app through AppleTV. One more from the college football world: Showtime’s “A Season with Navy Football” was entertaining and had a ton of great coaching/program nuggets from Ken Niumatalolo.

-Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m not the most organized person in the world so I’ve long been on the lookout for a good daily planner. Enter my good friend (and Columbia assistant coach) Jared Czech who sold me on Passion Planner. THE BEST I’ve come across.

-Two apps I’ll pass along: I have a couple of friends who absolutely swear by Blinkist. I do not use it myself, but the concept is definitely intriguing and I hope to give it a shot in the coming months. Blinkist has taken 2,000+ nonfiction books and condensed them to short summaries that you can read/listen to in 15 minutes. for my college coaching friends, the app MyStatBox is a good one to have for the high school basketball season where you might be going to see a specific player and would want to stat the game.

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