The Genius of Pep Guardiola

I’m not a big soccer fan (not enough scoring), but if there’s one guy in the sport that I love reading about it’s Manchester City manager Pep Guradiola. Linked below are three great articles on the legendary manager.

Guardiola and the unrelenting game of fools (LINK)
Really good piece on how Pep is able to get his players to buy into his unorthodox style of play. The X’s and O’s talk definitely has some transference to hoops. His reasoning behind playing from the backline is very similar to why basketball teams run pick & roll (bring 2 to the ball to play 4-on-3 elsewhere).

Pep: The Man Behind the Manager (LINK)
The author writes that there are 3 things that separate Guardiola from his peers: his quest to learn, his relationships with players, and tactical innovations.

Guardiola’s Grand Design (LINK)
Great stuff in here about Pep’s “design” to winning soccer that includes processes such as putting the players first (“I am not dealing with footballers, he said. “I am dealing with people. They have fears and worries […] without each other they are nothing.”), manipulating his style’s team to fit the strengths and weaknesses of his team, and defining success to his team to give them a finite and achievable goal.

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