The Biggest Mistakes New Executives Make

I thought the piece linked below was one of the best business articles I’ve come across this year. The article was published by Harvard Business Review and it examined the first six months of a new executive’s tenure. The author writes that there are five common traps new executives fall into upon taking a new job

Trap 1: Propose a new vision for the organization immediately (Take time to absorb the landscape)
Trap 2: Make too many big decisions too quickly (Hold of on making long-lasting decisions until you know more)
Trap 3: Tell people how you did things better in your previous organizations (Share your own experience sparingly)
Trap 4: Prioritize external relationships over internal ones (Focus on forming important internal connections)
Trap 5: Go it alone (Create a support team to help you learn about the organization and its culture)


On a leader’s first 100 days:
-A day in the life of new Washington coach Mike Hopkins (LINK)
-Novelis CEO on the first 100 days (LINK)
-Inside Ben Howland’s first three months in Starkville (LINK)
-Life as a new NFL head coach (LINK)

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