Best Podcasts: November 2017

Linked below are some of the best podcasts I’ve listened to lately. I did a similar post in September (LINK) and July (LINK).

Ben Falk’s appearance on The Lowe Post with Zach Lowe Link / iTunes Mobile Link
Having spent a decade in NBA front offices, Ben Falk has incredible insight on the inner workings of the NBA. Tremendous stuff in here from Falk on suggested decision-making processes, the ability to improve a player’s shooting, and the balance between trying to win and optimizing development. If you enjoy this podcast, I recommend checking out Falk’s appearance on the Dunc’d On Podcast (LINK). As well, Falk has launched a website called Cleaning the Glass that I highly recommend if you are an NBA nut.

Rob Kennedy’s appearance on Shootin’ It with Matt Langel Link / iTunes Mobile Link
This podcast is a must-listen for any young coach trying to work his way into or up the college coaching ranks. Kennedy, Hoop Group CEO, has such a unique perspective being that he sits at the intersection of some many of the sectors of the basketball world (college coaching, AAU, recruiting, etc.).

David Epstein’s appearance on Finding Mastery Link / iTunes Mobile Link
This suggestion might show off my nerdy side, but I found this conversation between Michael Gervais and New York Times bestseller David Epstein to be fascinating. There’s some great stuff in here on sports science (the dangers of hyper specialization, the role of genetics in athletic achievements, what coaches get wrong, etc.) but I thought the best parts of the conversation were about learning and self-discovery.

Josh Magette’s appearance on Hardwood Hustle Link / iTunes Mobile Link
I better understood pick & roll offense after listening to this podcast on “Mastering the Pick & Roll.” I passed this episode along to all of the guards in our program here at Army because I think Magette absolutely nails it in explaining his thinking coming off the pick & roll. Great stuff in here from Magette on his first look, pace, how a roller’s athleticism contorts the pick & roll coverage, and watching film.

Jeff Van Gundy’s Oct. 3 appearance on The Lowe Post Link / iTunes Mobile Link
I love anytime Van Gundy talks basketball and this podcast is one of my favorites. Some topics in this podcast that I really enjoyed: Van Gundy on sacrifice, his quip about Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien, Lowe and Van Gundy’s thoughts on Minnesota and OKC. If you’ve already listened to this, Lowe and Van Gundy posted a new podcast yesterday (Tuesday, November 21) discussing the first quarter of the NBA season (LINK).

Bill Campbell’s appearance on Ventured Podcast Link / iTunes Mobile Link
Having been a mentor to Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Larry Page, Campbell draws on decades of experience and shares his coaching methodology. Great stuff in here from Campbell on asking questions, management practices, 1-on-1 meetings and how views the mentor/mentee relationship. For more on Campbell, check out my post from last month.

Lawrence Frank’s appearance on the Woj Pod Link / iTunes Mobile Link
Woj’s podcast is one of the top podcasts in my opinion and this episode with Los Angeles Clippers President of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank and GM Michael Winger is one of my favorite episodes. Loved the stuff in here on scouting, the evaluation you can’t get wrong and the value of diversity within a front office.

November 6th episode of The Ringer NFL Show Link / iTunes Mobile Link
I make sure to listen to all over Lombardi’s appearances on ‘The Ringer NFL Show’ (Sunday night’s “Rapid Reactions,” Wednesday’s “GM Street” and Saturday morning’s “Sit-down”). This episode is my favorite of the season thus far. Lombardi nails it with his thoughts on where quitting occurs, why coaches are vetenerians, Luke Kuechly, and the importance of attention to detail in practice.

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