The “Modernization” of the Magic O

The Orlando Magic have been the surprise team of the first two weeks of the NBA season. The most startling aspect of Orlando’s 4-2 start has been the sped-up attack the Magic have been deploying. Most people associate Frank Vogel with the grind-it-out style his Pacers teams played when they were pushing LeBron & the Heat in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. In the article, Vogel explains the shift being due to personnel and how the league has evolved offensively. One thing I’ve noticed watching Orlando through their first six games is how Vogel has taken different parts of other teams’ offenses and applied them to his own team. Within Orlando’s attack, you can see Boston’s “Indy” series, Portland’s Blocker/Mover attack as well as some of Steve Clifford’s 5-out looks.

D.J. Augustin, current Magic point guard and a former player of Vogel’s in Indiana, told CBS Sports that the NBA’s change as a whole has led to this Magic renaissance.  “Back then we had Roy Hibbert, David West, those big dominant guys on the inside so we ran a lot of stuff through those guys,” Augustin said. “Now with this team we’re more fast paced, get the rebound, go, call no plays, push it and try to pass the ball and move the ball as a team. Obviously you gotta adjust to the NBA game. The game has changed over the years. They’re playing a lot of small ball now so his coaching style has adjusted a little bit.” 


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