“Gravity” & D’Antoni’s O

Linked below is a good article exploring the concepts at the core of Mike D’Antoni’s offenses over his time with the Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and now with the Houston Rockets. The writer goes in-depth on the meaning of “gravity,” a term that has become increasingly popular in NBA lexicon. The best analysis of gravity that I’ve seen came in Andy Glockner’s book, Chasing Perfection, which is a great read on the many branches of the NBA’s ecosystem and how they interact. In writing about D’Antoni’s offense, Ben Dowsett gives us great insight on gravity, transition 3’s, energy, and the “bottom-side screen.” Thanks to Greg Youncofski for sharing this article.

“In the old NBA, a lot of times you just called plays out like, ‘Okay, we’ll call 44 because it’s time John touches the ball,’ or ‘Now we’re going to run 65,’” D’Antoni says now. “How that became the old NBA mantra – I hated that. Players would say, ‘I’m not getting any touches.’ I hate that. By having energy, we would tell the guys: ‘If you have energy, you run the floor, you cut at the right times, all that, the ball will find you and you’ll have a career-high.’”


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