McKillop: Teaching On and Off the Court

Great first-person piece by Davidson head coach Bob McKillop about his efforts to teach his players about not only the game of basketball, but also about life. McKillop has a fantastic quote about the dichotomy existing within leadership (“Leading allows freedom but requires accountability. It inspires confidence but teaches humility”). If nothing else, the piece will make you think about the life lessons you’re teaching your own players.

Perhaps the most powerful guidance we can instill in tomorrow’s leaders is to understand that time and love are their two greatest gifts. When you have time, it becomes easier to love. When you love, time stands still. All else follows: the faith of those around you, the openness to see other perspectives, the patience to solve problems larger than yourself. Every day is an opportunity to spend these gifts. Treasure them and use them wisely. Teach this and live this and our battle for leadership can be won.


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