How to Increase Mental Toughness

Linked below is a great article on 4 tips on raising mental toughness. These pieces of advice are culled from a variety of sources including Olympians and Navy SEALs. The topics range from positive self-talk to goal-setting to visualization to simulation training. This is a great article to pass along to your players and ask them to adopt just one in their personal life.

1.Talk Positively To Yourself: Keep in mind the 3 P’s
2. Setting Goals: Write them down
3. Practice Visualization: Think about visualizing problems too
4. Use Simulations: Make practice as close to the real thing as possible


For more on mental toughness:
-The Navy SEALs’ “40% Rule” (LINK)
-Bill Belichick on mental toughness (LINK)
-Missouri Football’s “Mental Toughness Training” (LINK)
-Dr. Sean Richardson: Mental Toughness: Think differently about the world (LINK)

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