Behind-the-Scenes With an NBA Scout

Cool article linked below looking in-depth at the life and work of an NBA scout. The piece describes the 3 different types of scouts (pro-personnel, college/international, and advanced) while breaking down the highs and lows of the gig. Great stuff in here on the exhaustive process teams go through to look into a potential draftee’s character.

“Gauging a player’s work ethic can be really tough as a scout. There are a lot of guys who are fake hard workers – they know the right things to say to see like a gym rat. It can be hard to weed out the actual hard workers from the fake ones. And what I consider hard work at the NBA level may be different from what a player or his coach considers hard work at the college level. The misses I immediately think of are the guys who were actually really hard workers and it’s showed.”


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