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Linked below is a great article featuring insight from several NBA coaches on several topics regarding the start of training camp next week. Among the coaches featured are Billy Donovan, Tom Thibodeau, Brad Stevens, and Mike Budenholzer. The topics discussed included pre-season conditioning tests, the rise of the “personal trainer” in today’s NBA, how they keep in contact with their players in the offseason and what it means to Stevens to be “in shape.”

“Honestly, every coach would probably tell you they want their whole team in town all year, but we know that’s not realistic. Getting away and those guys having a chance of environment and scenery allows them to work on things they need to work on. And it’s collaborative — we’ll talk with them about things we want them to improve on, and we’ll hear from them what they want to improve on. These guys are so educated on training, on nutrition, on strength coaches. They understand the most important commodity they have is their bodies. The more they can take care of their bodies, the longer their careers are going to be.”


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