The Growth of Kemba Walker

Linked below is an article on the improved play of Charlotte Hornets point guard Kemba Walker. Walker quickly picked up a reputation as a guy you could scoot under picks set for him after shooting just 30% from 3 during his rookie year. The article details how Walker, with the help of Hornets assistant Steve Hetzel, has worked to make himself a dangerous 3-point threat. There’s a great quote from Walker embedded below on how his shooting improvement has benefited all areas of his offensive game.

“I never knew what having a consistent deep ball would have done for me,” Walker said. “It helps me get to the basket a little more. It helps me find my teammates a little bit more. It slows the game up a little bit more. I can use my speed coming off pick-and-rolls. It just opens up a whole different aspect of the game.”


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