August Coaching Nuggets

-Pete Carrill (Princeton): Players win games. Coaches win practices.
-Jay Wright (Villanova): Your reads on a dribble pickup off a penetration drive are the following: Down (to the big), Opposite (weakside perimeter), Behind (to a teammate circling behind), Back (turn back to the rim to score).
-Fran Dunphy (Temple): “Know who you are” is a phrase we use a lot. If you’re a good jump shooter, let’s get you some jump shots. When you step outside your comfort zone, you can find success, but we want to do things that will make us successful 60 to 70 percent of the time.
Steve Kerr (Golden State Warriors): I think team chemistry is determined by your top two players and your bottom few players on the totem pole. There’s usually, on most teams, a pretty good pecking order, and you know who’s leading the team — and their leadership is critical. But there’s always stuff that can go either way. Players can fall from one side of the fence to the other.
-Chris Mack (Xavier): Break up your personnel into 3-4 different lineups for all dry-run offense segments. Doing this beforehand eliminates the coach having to worry about the right players getting the right reps during the segment. Example: you might have a kid that plays some 1 and some 2. He’s the 1 on Team 1 and maybe he’s the 2 on Team 3. It allows the players to get the reps at the spots they need to know with game-like lineups. Coach would call out “Diamond Rip” and Team 1 would run it then Team 2, Team 3, etc.
-Shaka Smart (Texas): “Cutthroat Catches” Post Drill. “How many post touches can you get in 30 seconds?” 3 passers around the perimeter (wing-top-wing) with 2 guys inside (O/D). 1 basketball amongst the 3 perimeter passers. 2 Managers on the baseline and another manager up top (manager is the facilitator who is feeding the 3 passers). Clock starts and offensive post works to get a catch in “The Box” as defensive player works to prevent catches. Offensive player should be communicating with the passers about where he wants the ball to go so he can seal. No lobs, only bounce passes into the post (own your space – don’t break contact). As soon as he gets a catch, he drops the ball in the direction of the baseline and the facilitator up top puts another ball into play as the managers on the baseline scurry to collect the ball and throw it out to the facilitator up top.
-Phil Gaetano (Coppin State): when chasing the snake, you want to chase when the guard goes east to west, if he gets downhill to the rim then we Veer, which means big takes ball and guard cracks down to box out the big.
-Tobin Anderson (St. Thomas Aquinas): We don’t shoot at all during practice. We do all our shooting in individual sessions outside of our practice time (aim for guys getting in 3 times per week).
-Lennie Acuff (Alabama Huntsville): Whether you run Princeton or not, you should be running “Princeton Point Screen Away” as a set.

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